Homework Tips from Miss Dudley

**We are doing a new Team Homework with Math Card Games. I will provide a video to show you what to do. I will put a link in once it is made!

1. Check your child's backpack and agenda nightly for notes from me or the school.

2. Check Homework for accuracy nightly!

  • Yes, you can do it all at once, but it is for repeated

  • practice and if done in one day it will not be reinforced enough!
  • Make sure the strategies that are taught in school are done.

  • Math workbook pages or problems solving requires some kind of work whether it be a picture or number sentence.

  • Reading comprehension passages (at end of year) requires them to go back and prove where the answer was; this will be for the majority of the
    questions some are inferencing questions but there is still something that they based the inference from.

3. Study Addition and Subtraction facts nightly for 10 minutes at least!

  • Don't start Multiplication until they can master these facts within 3 seconds!

  • Keep practicing these facts even when we go into Multiplication!

4. Have your child read nightly! It can be partners switching off with each other or by themselves.

  • Have your child read aloud at least 2 nights a week to improve fluency.
  • They must read 90-100 words per minute at least by the end of Second Grade.

  • When reading it must have good pacing, voice, phrasing, and accuracy.

  • The best way for this to happen is to hear you read to them!

  • I read to them in school but the more people they hear modeling it the better they will get.

5. Keep updated with what is going on in the class!

  • Check the blog, read emails and notes from me, or schedule a conference.

  • When your child knows you are engaged in what they are doing at school, they will be better students!