Tips from Miss Dudley

1. This year will be very different from First grade!

  • Your child will tell you it is too hard. It is natural for your child to struggle at first when starting
    anything new. Once they get use to the routines of the class it will get better! If after a couple
    of months you still have concerns, schedule a conference.

  • This year the main focus is getting your child into the role of being more responsible.

  • This will be the first year where they will be sitting down for longer periods of time. In Kinder-2nd
    it is more socializing, center based learning, and movement around the room. In grades 3-5 students mostly
    do independent activities at their seat.

  • The work gets more abstract from 2nd to 3rd grade when it was more concrete and easier to understand.
    It may take some students more time to grasp these more complex topics.

2. Check your child's backpack and agenda nightly for notes from me or the school.

3. Check Homework for accuracy nightly!

  • I would like homework to be done nightly rather than all at once.
    It will not be reinforced enough if only done on one day a week.

  • Make sure the strategies that are taught in school are done.

4. Keep updated with what is going on in the class!

  • Check the blog, read emails and notes from me, or schedule a conference.

  • When your child knows you are engaged in what they are doing at school, they will be better students!

  • Meet with me AT LEAST 1 time in the school year face to face. This is required by NISD and it keeps
    the communication lines open and clear when I can show you rather than just tell you about something.

  • If you are concerned about what is going on in the class room please talk with me first! The Principal will
    ask if you have talked with me and if you haven't she will want to know why since I see your child every day!

5. Don't talk about the teacher negatively in front of your child.

  • Even though the parents and teacher don't get along the child may still like the teacher.

  • When your child knows you don't like the teacher they may try and take advantage of it.

  • We both want what is best for your child. If we work together we can make the year the best it can be!